Brand Activation: Give a life to your brand

Marketing, as we are all aware, is about cutting the throat competition much better than your competitors to reach and win the maximum market share. The top priority of business is to excel in their respective fields and to achieve this; companies need to rise above the usual standards to plan, create and generate innovative promotional ideas that fit and meet their brand in such a way that will bring their consumers closer to their products.

So marketers are exploring new ways and means to support and highlight their brands. One method to do this is called brand activation. In order for any successful marketing strategy, it is important to have the foresight to get a long shot for this product. Managing a brand is even more important than simply reinforcing sales even though the first one proportionally affects the latter.

Brand activation ideas are the marketing process to turn the product on by creating a brand experience. Basic features or core brand values are used for brand activation. This is very important for any product manager because this is their way of communicating their brand value to the targeted consumers. Only one or two core product values or features should be selected to enable. If used wisely and without ambiguity, Brand Activation will do a world of good to improve your product market.

Brand activation helps your business to gain popularity and credibility among its customers. Through direct interaction with targeted customers and enabling them to have a hands-on experience of products, companies can expect to see significant increases in sales and customer loyalty. There are basic steps involved in brand activation in general: Promotion on the Line. Promotion over the line helps the brand to reach a large number of people using channels such as radio and television. A typical example of this activity is the hundreds of television ads that appear on television every day. They help spread the message about a specific brand or product in the market, thus helping in brand activation and for targeting consumers.

The next step is preparing which below the line activity your brand need. With promotion over the line, product manager also need to plan out the activity that will interact directly with targetted consumer. By doing both exposure, the brand potential will be maxed out, and you can reap good result in brand health index.


  • March 15, 2018